Bamboo – Amazing Facts About The Strongest Woody Plant On Earth

Willard Rich

Bamboo has a tensile toughness top-quality to moderate steel (withstands up to 52,000 lbs . of stress psi) and a excess weight-to-toughness ratio surpassing that of graphite, bamboo is the strongest expanding woody plant on earth. There is a suspension bridge in China 250 yards long, 9 foot vast and rests entirely on bamboo cables fixed about the water. It would not have a one nail or piece of iron in it. Applied in ladders, scaffolding and design, bamboo is 2 times as steady as oak, walnut and teak.

Thomas Edison’s initially prosperous incandescent lamp (mild bulb) used a filament produced of carbonized bamboo. It was patented in 1880. This light-weight bulb nonetheless burns right now in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

Alexander Graham Bell utilised bamboo for the to start with phonograph needle.

Bamboo has hundreds of takes advantage of like plane “skins”, aphrodisiacs, blinds, brushes, crafts, desalination filters, diesel fuel, fly-fishing poles, food stuff, furnishings, medicine, musical devices, ornaments, paper, rope, scaffolding, umbrellas, strolling sticks, wind chimes and several, quite a few, more. They even make beer from bamboo and sure evidently it tastes great.

At this time there are some 1250 recognised species of bamboo with an approximated 1 billion men and women living in bamboo produced residences. Bamboo is an enduring pure resource and gives profits, food items, and housing to around 2.2 billion persons globally.

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