Branding Your Company – Logos and Tag Lines Aren’t Enough

Willard Rich

Rebranding may possibly be the most difficult and most hazard-inclined worries of a enterprise proprietor. You get a organization or a products that men and women have appear to know, have confidence in and like….and you change it. Threat? Yeah. You screw this up and everything you have developed disappears and you have to get started from scratch.

Just inquire Wendy Piersall.

Wendy released eMoms at Residence as a passion. Now, just a few many years later on, the site is a 7-channel weblog community and a legend in blogging and home-company circles.

The corporation not too long ago pulled off a person of the most difficult methods in small business: rebranding. The eMoms site community is now recognized as Sparkplugging, so named due to the fact the bloggers and viewers of the web site are “Spark Plugs” – people who make items take place.

Branding is about a lot more than logos and taglines. It truly is a process of definition. It truly is about obtaining your essence. It is about producing your identity.

Contemplate the subsequent:

  • Logos
  • Taglines
  • Colour strategies
  • Fonts
  • Business title
  • Brand assure
  • Verbal descriptors of your corporation
  • Packaging
  • Structures/interiors

Each and every of these is an critical component of your brand. But right before you start on logos and taglines, get a glimpse at items like manufacturer guarantee. Words and phrases and pictures are symbols – how can you choose the symbols that represent what you stand for if you do not know what you stand for?

Listed here are a few questions you can request yourself to get began:

  • What is the psychological want I fulfill for my purchasers? (Never confuse this with your items or expert services)
  • Do the solutions I deliver (goods and services) measure up to the expressed and implied promises I make to my consumers?
  • If my business have been a human being, how would I explain its character?
  • How need to I position my company to finest attractiveness to the customers who are most possible to spend in my products or services?
  • Are “How I want my company to be perceived” and “How I portray my company” consistent?
  • Could my organization be additional profitable if I re-consider my assumptions about what my shoppers are hunting for?

As soon as you’ve got begun to solution these inquiries, your copywriters, graphic designers and other advertising staff members will be much better equipped to create or re-determine your brand name.

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