Does Satellite Radio Advertising Work?

Willard Rich

You are a business enterprise owner or particular person in cost of getting the word out about a merchandise or company. The landscape on which you can paint your concept is broad with quite a few hills, bridges and pitfalls. It is the pitfalls you are hunting out for.

Probabilities are you want to know if the medium of satellite radio marketing is an successful decision for your business. Lets just take a seem at what the medium offers and see if what you are advertising would be a good suit for it.

Satellite radio is a exclusive medium. It reaches tens of millions of folks each individual and every single week, has hundreds of stations divided amongst numerous topics, and is a “membership” based provider, which tends to make lots of of its subscribers financially pre-qualified to get what you are advertising.

If your solution or provider can go out to any place in the region, then this can be a terrific medium for you. If your organization is seeking to provide persons into a solitary retailer front locale, this may well not be a great means to encourage your concept, as the radio commercials on satellite radio arrive at the entire nation. There is no way to “section” where by your industrial airs. Its all or nothing.

That currently being stated, it is just one of the most inexpensive ways to publicize on a nationwide degree, with commercials on some of the stations beginning at close to $50 each and every time they air. Whilst satellite radio promoting will not attain the amount of viewers of say a key time clearly show on a main Television network. It still reaches hundreds of thousands of people every 7 days, which is almost nothing to put your observe up at.

A further way that satellite radio promoting can be productive, is positioning your industrial on its really specific programming.

Have a product for animals? There are reveals for that.

Want to achieve cigar fans? There are exhibits for that.

Looking to attain new moms? There are shows for that.

Want to converse with CEOs? There are reveals for that as well.

Marketing a new “toy” for youngsters or grown ups? There are displays for both of those people way too.

The record goes on and on. Odds are there is a display that is targeted at the certain audience you want to access. This can make it a single of the most very affordable and qualified nationwide advertising and marketing choices around.

Is satellite radio promotion for every person? No. But for a bulk of folks that I converse with on a day-to-day foundation, there is normally an possibility on the medium to strongly think about when preparing an promoting campaign.

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