Five Excellent Meat Rabbit Breeds to Start Your Rabbitry

Willard Rich

There are additional than 45 breeds of rabbits in the earth, but only about 17 have a “professional” (massive, chubby, meaty) entire body variety which are preferable for meat generation. Properties which make some meat rabbit breeds greater than other individuals are a better meat-to-bone ratio, brief progress, fur shade and simplicity of care.

  1. Californian Grownup Dimension: Medium (7-10 kilos/ 3.5-4.75 kilograms) Californian rabbits were produced in the Usa in the 1920’s to present superior meat and fur production. Californians are a cross of Himalayan, Common Chinchilla and New Zealand white rabbits and are at present the next most well-liked meat making rabbits in the world. The physique is plump but high-quality-boned. Californian rabbits search really related to the Himalayan rabbit with a predominantly white physique and black on the ft, nose, ears and tail. Their typical litter dimension is 6-8 bunnies.
  2. New Zealand Adult Measurement: Significant (8-12 pounds/ 3.6-5.4 kilograms) Regardless of the name, New Zealand rabbits have been 1st bred in America in 1916 for meat and fur manufacturing and are at the moment the number one particular meat rabbit in the United States. They appear in various diverse colours (black, purple and white) but the white rabbits are the most popular for meat production because of their huge, broad, and muscular bodies. When experienced, bucks weigh from 8-10 lbs and girls from 9-12 lbs. New Zealand rabbits are completely ready to slaughter as fryers after just 2 months. Their ordinary litter dimension is 8-10 bunnies.
  3. Florida White Grownup Sizing: Compact (4-6 lbs ./ 1.8-2.7 kilograms) Although this rabbit is pretty small, it was bred in Florida in the 1960’s as a meat rabbit which would also be purposeful for laboratory use. The fur is white with great density and texture, and they have a compact, meaty entire body, short neck, and small head.
  4. Palomino Grownup Dimensions: Big (8-11 kilos/ 3.6-5 kilograms) Palomino rabbits have a lesser bone composition than other meat rabbits which offers you a larger meat ratio. But they just take a little bit extended to increase. Bucks are 8-10 pounds and does usually selection from 9-11 kilos. Litter dimensions is normally 8 kits but can assortment from 6 to 12. Palominos appear in two shades: Golden & Lynx. The Golden has an orange/brown golden color (as the identify suggests) and the Lynx has a bit extra gray or silver tone in the fur. They have a quite docile and helpful temperament.
  5. Beveren Grownup Sizing: Medium (8-11 kilos/ 3.6-5 kilograms) The Beveren is 1 of the oldest and premier breeds of fur rabbits, originating in Belgium. Their coats can be blue, white, black, brown and lilac. They are a uncommon breed but nicely tempered, clean, and wise. The fur is relatively prolonged (about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches), dense and shiny. The breed is hardy and properly suited for meat production since of significant litter dimensions, the young develop pretty quickly, and the does are usually docile and make superior mothers.
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