Meet Kind Regards, the versatile workwear brand for millennial women

Willard Rich

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Just after the summer of 2021, British-Nigerian brand strategist and consultant Shopé Delano published a letter on Instagram calling for a new conversation around women in work — one that moved away from binaries such as #girlboss or she-E-O. The letter was seen, liked and shared over 100,000 times.

From there, Delano has built up a community of women she connected with through weekly newsletters, exploring subjects like work, ambition, creativity and identity while encouraging what she calls “a self-defined life”.

“Eventually, my training as a brand strategist kicked in,” says Delano, who at the time was working with start-ups and venture capital funds to help their businesses grow through brand and storytelling. “I realised not only was this really rich emotional territory (the idea that life is work), but also there was an opportunity to connect it to product through fashion.”

Eighteen months later, Delano met co-founder and creative direction consultant Natàlia Barros Vives, and together they launched Kind Regards, a versatile premium workwear brand designed for movement and comfort, in May 2022.

The first product was a modular jumpsuit, which can be worn as a set or split into separate trousers and jacket (it now comes in two silhouettes). In November this year, the brand branched into a new category with the release of its second product, the “fluid wool top”, made from fine wool jersey from Japan, which can be worn in several different ways, inspired by the West African art of wrapping loose fabrics to unearth multiple garments. Items are made from luxury deadstock sourced from factories in Italy and Japan. Prices range from £350 for the latest drop to £750 for the sold-out jumpsuit. The brand declined to share a breakdown but says annual sales are five figures.

While many premium and luxury labels shoot for Gen Z consumers, the Kind Regards customer is a 30-plus creative woman or dynamic professional, Delano says. “Maybe she works in creative and the arts. Maybe she has a four-day-week job in corporate and has a theatre newsletter on the side. It is someone who wants ease out of their wardrobe,” she says. Kind Regards is an “antidote to athleisure,” Delano says, as pieces are refined and sophisticated. “However, we don’t lean towards the narrow-cut suit or anything tight or restrictive. It’s for someone who wants comfort without sacrificing elegance.” Customers can choose different sizing for the top and bottom of the jumpsuit, for example, to better account for various body types and shapes.

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