Sales Tip Two

Willard Rich

Speak considerably less and Pay attention additional

I have questioned countless numbers of revenue professionals this query more than the previous 12 many years.

How considerably time really should you converse for the duration of a profits assembly and how substantially time ought to your customer communicate, as a percentage?

The responses I receive are as higher as 80% the customer and 20% the gross sales individual.

I then follow this question up with a second question.

Check out your past 10 income meetings with prospective buyers. How considerably time did you communicate and how a great deal time did your client discuss?

The answers below are incredibly different. In most conditions the product sales individuals talk much additional than their consumers do.

To get a definitive response to this query, we have carried out study to try out to solution this dilemma, with meaningful quantitative figures.

Our Investigation

Over the previous two several years, we have analysed the profits discussions of the top rated and bottom performers in 22 different organisations, to attempt to see what the exceptional volume of time a income professional need to discuss during gross sales encounters.

When conducting the investigation, we assumed that the leading gross sales performers were operating optimally and as these types of we utilized the total of time they spoke as the the best possible. Conversely, we assumed that the bottom performers have been not functioning optimally and used the quantity of time they spoke as the worst-scenario situation.


The benefits were being not at the substantial conclusion of 80% listening and 20% talking, as proposed by most profits men and women all through schooling sessions, but in the situation of the best revenue performers, they usually listened additional than they spoke.

THE Genuine Benefits

Product sales Individual Spoke

Customer Spoke


Base Performers



Middle Performers



Top Performers

As you can see from the study above, the top performers spoke about 40 % of the time and the prospects spoke about 60 % of the time.

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